Cutting the Ribbon

I can’t believe I’m already writing the first post of my new blog. I had purchased this domain more than a year ago, hoping that I’d soon start a blog to go with it – alas, that didn’t happen soon enough.

The idea of a new blog was constantly brewing in my mind for the past couple of months. What theme should I use? What should I name it? Never mind the hours spent on designing the logo, which probably won’t be noticed by most.

I had seen this theme being used in quite a few blogs, most notably, and I knew how nice it felt reading such blogs, so I had to give Twenty Twenty a spin.

Being the person I am, I still wasn’t fully satisfied. So I went ahead and added dark theme support to my blog. It is quite basic right now, and dare I say a bit buggy. If your device has dark mode enabled, you should be seeing the dark-themed version of my blog – unless I screwed up. That being said, I intend on polishing it a bit further, and then I’ll probably create an open source child theme for everyone to use.
In a future version I might also include an option to toggle the dark theme, though there’s something nice about having the dark theme being in sync with the system’s settings.

So that was another few hours spent getting my blog all set. I’m pleased with the end result, and I hope it will result in less eye strain for my fellow light-sensitive readers.

I hear you asking, “What about the title of the blog?”. Well, let’s just say I have a history of abandoning blogs due to not having ideas, and, by deduction, not posting enough. I figured it might be due to my neurons not firing as much as I’d like them to. Enough is enough, I say! Time for those neurons to start a workin’.

I’m very excited about my new blog, and I’m looking forward to posting again. Until then, see you around!